Sarah Palin Makes Bill O'Reilly Look Sane


What would it take for us to cheer on a sexually-harassing, feminist-pounding, doctor-murderer-inciting television host? When he’s talking to Sarah Palin about immigration. Or, lately, anything else.

The (also right-wing) Daily Caller notices that O’Reilly has been even more impatient than usual when it comes to Fox News contributor Sarah Palin, whom everyone on that channel insists on still referring to as “Governor.” This is, of course, perfectly legitimate protocol, but O’Reilly’s actual problem here appears to be with Palin’s reluctance to actually engage in just that — governing, or thinking about how to do so.

Just witness this series of exchanges between them, as O’Reilly presses for specifics on immigration and Palin is unable to get beyond catchphrases or explain what she would do about the 12 million people already inside our borders. This comes after an interview last week, also shown here, in which O’Reilly said of her Mama Grizzlies schtick, “This is frightening me, governor,” he said. “I’m getting very, very afraid of Mama Grizzlies.”

 She seemed to think at first it was a compliment — pit bull, grizzlies, whatever — but… not so much.

Bill O’Reilly Goes Rogue On Sarah Palin, Buffets Her In Testy Exchanges [Daily Caller]

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