See Every Pore On Mary J. Blige's Butt With TMZ's Classy New Feature


TMZ’s gallery called “Celebrity Beach Bods — Zooma Zoom Zoom!” consists of celebrities in swimsuits — and a new “zoom” feature that allows the viewer to get all up in a star’s business.

Writes a tipster:

TMZ just started using this new “Zoom” tool that lets you get realllllllllly close on celeb pix, like so tight, only those of us w/ access to photo agency high-res files could have seen this much detail before now.
[Recently] they [posted] an entire gallery of photos of stars in bathing suits, and the photo they use on the home page to tease the gallery, which is actually the 12th of 12 pictures so they know you’ll click through to get to it, is a from-behind shot of Mary J. Blige that has the zoom keyword “DIMPLES.” WTF?!?

Yes, TMZ, where the world is your proctologist!

The image of Mary J.’s derriere has since been taken down; perhaps she objected to a program dedicated to focusing on her cellulite. But you can still zoom in on Giorgio Armani’s Speedo, Alicia Keys’ pregnant belly, and Geri Halliwell’s boobs. And you’d better believe that if any company is working on X-ray technology to bring us images of Lindsay Lohan’s liver, it’s TMZ.

Celebrity Beach Bods — Zooma Zoom Zoom! [TMZ]

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