Sex and the City Season 2, Explained


For the 20th anniversary of Sex and the City—which premiered on HBO on June 6, 1998 and went on to become iconic prestige television—Jezebel is doing a week of posts dedicated to our favorite band of sexual women friends.

Season 2 of Sex and the City brought us a number of iconic flings: the new Yankee, the guy with the Tweety Bird tattoo, smoker Bradley Cooper, Justin Theroux as a second writer who is Jewish, that septuagenarian with a flabby butt, the adult uncircumcised man who decides to get circumcised who taught theater at my college, and—who could forget?—Mr. Pussy.

Real plot things happen, too: Miranda gets together with Steve, Big moves to Paris and then gets engaged to Natasha (can you believe?), Charlotte becomes an extremely fair weather power lesbian. But most important, to me, is the brief introduction of Susan Sharon, who buys Carrie a cashmere scarf which Carrie then rudely asks to return for money (a cashmiracle it is not), who is in a straight up emotionally abusive relationship!!! Free Susan Sharon!!!

Producer: Phoebe Bradford, Creative Producer: Eddie Costas

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