Single Moms Are Getting It On


At least according to one study, single moms are dating more than child-free ladies. And to help them get even friskier, the study also lists the top ten cities where these women can be found.

The study was conducted by, which obviously has an interest in promoting online dating among moms and non-moms alike. But there’s no special reason why they’d want to cook up these stats:

21% of single parents are currently dating someone versus 16% of singles without kids; 35% of single parents have been on a first date in the past year versus 27% of singles without kids

It’s not totally clear what “single” means here — presumably these are people who actually list themselves as single on Match, not just people who aren’t married. I’m also not quite sure what “dating someone” entails — a date in the past week? Seeing multiple people? Seeing one person but not yet in a relationship? I’ve contacted Match for clarification on these points.

Questions notwithstanding, it’s encouraging that single moms seem to be fitting in romance. And Match has helpfully let us know where they’re doing this. Want to date a single mom? Consider a move to Yonkers, NY; Alpharette, GA; or Newport News, VA. Or Beverly Hills!

Match also offers some dating tips for all the single mommies and daddies, courtesy of “relationship expert” Whitney Casey. Casey is the author of dating guide The Man Plan, to stock their fridges with beer and “man-brisket” while also learning to pronounce “Chablis” — and, of course, removing all body hair in secret, to make it appear that they never had any. Given this, her dating tips for parents are pretty tame — get new jeans, don’t lie about having kids. She doesn’t address the question that’s on all of our minds — where are the cities full of single dads, so that we can organize migrations and create a massive Brady Bunch scenario?’s Top 10 Cities For Dating Single Moms []

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