Slam Your Body Down and Wind It All Around, the Spice Girls are Going on Tour


It’s! All! Happening! These ladies you see above are dusting off the platform sneakers and the Chupa Chups and getting on with it. That’s right, the Spice Girls are going on tour (again)! Yes, Spice Queens! Ziggi zig ah, etc.

According to TMZ, the Goils are working with their old manager, Simon Fuller and this reunion tour has been a long time coming. Fuller, as you may know, is also the co-creator of American Idol and is apparently “organizing the tour because he enjoys the girls and the group,” and not because he needs the money; he was also fired by the group mere weeks before Spice World was released. Time heals all wounds, I suppose, because he’s back, ready to work on “merchandising opportunities” for the upcoming tour, AND ready to propel these singing Sallies back into superstardom!!

TMZ also reports that any rumor of a Vegas residency or new music is false and should be put to bed at once; while the latter sounds awful, the former would be a sheer delight. Imagine! A Vegas residency! Posh Spice and Sporty and Scary and Baby and Ginger going through the motions night after night for a crowd full on nostalgia and hamburgers from an all-you-can-eat buffet! Please reconsider, Spice Girls. Please.

As one might surmise, every Spice Gal was on board for this reunion tour except for Posh—the tan (once) blonde one on the far left there. She had to be convinced and finally, something (money?) got through to her. This isn’t their first reunion tour, but it IS still something nice to look forward to in the near-ish future. Cherish that thought while you enjoy this ballad—an underrated deep cut that I listen to maybe once a month. Girl power.

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