Sluts Save Their Species • Dubai Hosts Beauty Pageant For Camels


Sleeping with lots of dudes could ensure the survival of your species — if you’re a female fruit fly. Scientists found that lusty lady-flies who had multiple mates decreased the chances of having all-female offspring, thus staving off extinction.

Bill O’Reilly says that in order to become a viable presidential candidate, Sarah Palin “needs to go to college. Political college. World Affairs college. And she is. She’s hired a bunch of advisers.” O’Reilly maintains that he himself has no intentions of running, adding cryptically, “Unless the Chinese are going to back me.” • One critic says a fashion week in the city of Lahore isn’t enough to change oppression of women in Pakistan: “The implication that high fashion is somehow another front in the war on terror is something of a fallacy created by the media.” • A New Orleans bar has instituted a new dress code banning those who would emulate the cast of Jersey Shore. So presumably our Kim Zolciak wig-and-pushup-bra ensemble should be totally fine. • A Ku Klux Klansman convicted of killing three civil rights workers in 1964 is suing the FBI, claiming they used a hit man known as “The Grim Reaper” to intimidate witnesses. • Dubai is hosting a beauty pageant for camels, in which the animals compete on the basis of neck length, hump curvature, and “general appearance.” The two winners will each receive a luxury car, which should make all the other camels very jealous. • Canada has permanently removed two children from their neo-Nazi parents after one went to school with “racist writings and symbols” written on her skin. • Researchers claim to have found that one in four British moms is single because of a “lifestyle choice” of government support instead of a man. Says one researcher, “Current policies structured around helping single mothers to become self-sufficient workers are misconceived. What most lone mothers need and many want, and may be waiting for, is a reliable partner-breadwinner, to settle down with.” • Despite allegations that kidnapper Phillip Garrido is sending victim Jaycee Dugard coded messages from jail, his lawyer says he’s mentally ill and incapable of such manipulation. • Japanese inventors have created a pocket-sized device that emits buzzing noises at different frequencies in order to help users determine the age of their companion. Certain noise levels are inaudible to those over 40, so the gadget may help you avoid dating too far outside your age limit. Warning: using it will make you look like a jerk. • Irish Minister for Health Mary Harney has requested a report on the practice of symphysiotomy in Irish hospitals. Symphysiotomy is a surgical procedure that widens the pelvis for childbirth and is considered by many an outdated and “brutal” practice. For the most part, doctors stopped performing the procedure by the 1960s, but some hospitals in Ireland continued the practice into the 1980s. • New Youth Connections, a magazine “written by and for youth,” has released a special “War Torn” issue, which Utne says “feels like one long, really important conversation.” The issue covers everything from military recruiters to civil war in the Ivory Coast and is available at their website. • Good news for atheist and liberal men: You’re smarter than Republicans! According to a new study, intelligent people are more likely to exhibit social, religious, and political preferences that are “evolutionarily novel.” Researchers define this as holding “values that humans are not biologically designed to have and that our ancestors probably did not possess.” • Chicago Attorney General Lisa Madigan has proposed new legislation that will require rape kits to be processed by the investigating law enforcement agency within 10 days of receiving them from the hospital. “Women who are victims of rape put their trust in authorities to bring their offenders to justice. When evidence that is so painstakingly collected sits untested, stored away on police departments’ shelves, that trust is violated,” argued Madigan. • Take heed, sponsors: women make up 56% of prime time viewers of the Olympics. Interestingly, the one group that is not watching the games are teens. The ratings among teenagers are 57% lower than the national average. • Researchers in Scotland have, for the first time, traced the number of eggs a woman has from the time she is conceived to the time she hits menopause. The number of eggs a woman has peaks before she is even born, and dwindles to just three percent by the time she turns 40. • Do you want to see a Japanese man dressed up as Susan Boyle? Then you’re in luck. • Nancy Ratzan, president of the National Council of Jewish Women, calls for an increased effort to fight sexism in Israel, where women’s rights are slowly being eroded. She writes: “It’s time to admit that Israel faces an emboldened movement against women’s equality, and not just a series of isolated incidents.” •

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