Stars' Clothing Choices Don't Bode Well For People's Choice Awards


We are so starved for awards shows that we were psyched for the 35th annual People’s Choice Awards nominations held at Beverly Hills’ Peninsula Hotel. That is, until we got an eyeful of the getups:

I have read in interviews that Carrie Ann Inaba likes to use clothes to showcase the wild side that doesn’t come out as Dancing With the Stars‘ most straight-laced judge. But this seems more like a direct throwback to her pro ballroom dancin’ days!

I never “got” the whole Joshua Jackson thing on Dawson’s Creek. But then I saw him with Diane Kruger on the street, and it must be said: they were most cute. Here he’s looking a little “hip dad” for my taste, but better that than the Young Hollywood alternative…

Paula Marshall‘s dress reminds me of a splatter-paint painting. Did you have one of the kits?! Me too!

Just a reminder that Jay Mohr and Nikki “Unhappily Ever After” Cox are a married twosome, which always provides food for thought for that part of one’s brain devoted to minor celebs.

Why, pray, is Mrs. Mohr’s shirt gaping open? Inquiring minds etc.

[Images via Getty]

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