Stevie Wonder Heats Up White House With Talk Of Obama's Sex Life


In a move that would just be icky with any other President, Stevie Wonder brings up the Obamas’ sex life. But count on Joe The Plumber, Roland Burris and others to ruin the feelgood news.

The Obamas brought some damn fine change to the White House last night, taping a concert with and for Stevie Wonder, who was given the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. Stevie, Diana Krall, Paul Simon, Martina McBride, Tony Bennett, Wayne Brady (yes, that Wayne Brady) Will.I.Am and India.Arie performed some of Wonder’s music (you know what I’ll be doing when it airs at 8 pm tonight on PBS), the Obamas agreed that Michelle would never have dated Barack if he hadn’t been a Stevie fan, and Wonder teased them about makin’ whoopee to his music.

In other news, it turns out that Roland Burris got his tax-avoiding, mortgage-avoiding son a job with the Illinois Housing Development Authority by the grace of Blagojevich, and is now also hiring Senate staff. Joe the Plumber and his book have invaded D.C., only he’s not going to be plumbing anything anymore, he’s into construction now. Oh, and John Boehner thinks it’s hard to be a Republican because America is full of whiners who want stuff.

And just in case you thought I was joking when I said Obama’s vetters were so bad that Commerce nominee-to-be Gary Locke probably had a body buried in the front yard, it turns out I was right. He dug a hole so deep, in fact, it went all the way to China where he was lobbying for corporate interests… just the way that Obama said no one in his Administration could do. Basically, he’s done legal and lobbying work for some of the same companies that will be using the Commerce Department, but at least he paid his taxes (as far as we know, but it’s only been a day since his nomination was announced). Luckily, Obama is about to announce that he’s going to raise taxes to pay for his health care plan, so the Republicans will be a little busy whining about that to really dig into Locke.

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