Sure Are a Lot of Dudes on the New UK Passports Celebrating 'Creativity'


The United Kingdom just debuted designs for its new passport. The theme is “creativity.” And whaddya know, it features seven men and just two women. Guess women need to be more creative!

That’s according to the Guardian. The ladies who made the cut, FYI, where architect Elizabeth Scott and Ada Lovelace. Passport Officer director general Mark Thomson said they didn’t try to limit themselves to two women, it just worked out that way. “In trying to celebrate UK creativity over the last 500 years we tried to get a range of locations, a range of things around the country and to celebrate our triumphs and icons over the year.” Throw Mary Shelley in there and you upset the whole damn apple cart.

Asked whether they’d taken into account the controversy that put Jane Austen on the tenner, he said:

“Whenever you do these things, there is always someone who wants their famous rock band or their local icon or something else in the book. In fact we have got 16 pages, and very finite space. We like to feel we have got a good representation.”

Jane Austen, rock goddess.

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