Surprise! Ivana Trump Is a Bigot Too


Ivana Trump rarely gives interviews anymore, and that’s great. The world is already saturated with the opinions of the Trump family, both past and present. Do we need another one? We do not.

But for whatever reason, Ivana decided to break her long silence and appear on the U.K. talk show Loose Women, where she spoke freely about her distaste for lazy immigrants and the fact that her daughter, Ivanka, deserves to be president after her father.

The Loose Women ladies peppered Ivana with all sorts of inane questions, like whether dating is hard now that her ex-husband is the president, and whether she wishes she’d accompanied Trump to the White House instead of that bore Melania. Ivana took them all in stride (No, she doesn’t wish she was the First Lady and she is “not sure” whether Melania is doing a good job), but she also revealed that she and Trump still have a lot in common, even after all these years.

Asked how she felt when she saw her enlarged garbanzo bean of an ex-husband being sworn in, Ivana said she was “very, very proud,” and added that in addition to being married for 15 years, they also share precisely the same politics. According to People:

In remarks that echoed President Donald Trump, who has a history of disparaging immigrants as criminals, Ivana criticized “a lot of people, they don’t dress even American, they dress in whatever they dress in and they don’t get jobs and they steal and they rape the women.”
“I have absolutely no problem with the immigrants, but they have to come to the country legally,” she said. “They have to get a job, they have to pay taxes like the rest of Americans and just live and be well and just [mesh] into the society.”
Ivana praised the president as “pro everything I believe in. He is Republican and so am I. He’s achieved so much, especially with immigration.”

Regarding her daughter, Ivana thinks that there’s no reason why Ivanka shouldn’t assume the presidency one day.

“I think she could be one day the first woman president, definitely,” she said. “She’s smart as hell, she’s beautiful, she’s au courant. How much more you can have?”

But the best part of the interview was when Ivana was asked whether she and Donald are still in touch. They are, even though he’s very busy, a point she illustrated by describing a call she made to him one recent morning:

“I said ‘Donald, what are you doing?’ And he said ‘I’m signing the checks.’” Only the two of them know what that means.

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