Tabloids Had Very Different Takes on Kate’s vs. Meghan’s Absence from Queen’s Deathbed

Quelle surprise! Or as the British would say, "That's a racist shame, innit?"

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Tabloids Had Very Different Takes on Kate’s vs. Meghan’s Absence from Queen’s Deathbed
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While Queen Elizabeth may have dipped out earth side, the tabloids live on, bottom feeding off of any morsel of gossip they can catch from the Royal Family. Yesterday, the Queen passed away at Balmoral, her Scottish castle. When they got the news of her decline, members of her family, including kids King (née Prince) Charles, Princess Anne, alleged child molester Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, and grandchildren Prince William and Prince Harry, hopped on their private jets and in their Rolls Royces to rush to be by her side. Unfortunately, a lot of them couldn’t make it in time, and only Charles and Anne were there as she passed.

But, if you were to skim the headlines, you’d rightly think the only person not there was Meghan Markle, making some sort of huge statement in her absence, Miss Flo-style. Here’s a sample of headlines from yesterday:

  • “Meghan Markle skipped Balmoral because she wouldn’t be ‘welcomed’”- NY Post
  • “Meghan Markle Stayed in London When Queen Elizabeth II Died” – Entertainment Tonight
  • “So why DID Meghan change her mind about going to Scotland to see the Queen?” – Daily Mail UK
  • “Prince Harry Rushed to Be With Ailing Queen Elizabeth II, as Meghan Markle Stayed Behind” – Time

All this hubbub about why Meghan wasn’t with Harry might overshadow the fact that Kate Middleton also was not with her husband. But Kate’s reason, according to the press, was a simple one. She had to stay with the kids! Q’white the incredible mother! I haven’t fact checked it at all, but I’m not sure if Meghan and Harry have kids? And even if they did, it seems impossible for anyone to determine if those kids are much younger than Kate’s and might still very much need to be with their mother? It seems the only reason Meghan has for missing her husband’s grandmother’s quick passing is that she is out to seek revenge.

The Royal Death really brought out some wild tributes from brands, plays about uprisings against the monarchy, local American government officials, and American good ol’ boy Tucker Carlson.

Like a true patriot, Carlson used his airtime to call out people not sad enough about the queen dying, including Carnegie Mellon professor Uju Anya. Anya had tweeted the harsh, but shared by many, sentiment, “I heard the chief monarch of a thieving and raping genocidal empire is finally dying. May her pain be excruciating.” Carlson was alerted to this tweet because earlier in the day American oligarch Jeff Bezos had singled her out. Carnegie Mellon later condemned Anya’s statement.

Just dropping this tidbit here: Amazon donated $2 million to CMU’s Computer Science Academy. It should also be noted that if you thought yesterday was fun on Twitter, there will come a day Jeff Bezos passes (if he doesn’t somehow purchase a way to live forever).

Meanwhile….in American dynasties:

  • Paris Hilton called out her aunt Kyle Richards for mocking her mom, Kathy Hilton. [Page Six]
  • You can now “reverse it” on Missy Elliot Boulevard in Portsmouth, Virginia. [Instagram]
  • Bachelorette contestant Eric Schwer has apologized for a photo of him in blackface from high school. [USA Today]
  • Anna Wintour’s grandchildren refer to her as “Anna.” Okay! [Vogue]
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