Taylor Swift Dances to Taylor Swift Music at Taylor Swift Exhibit

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The Grammy Museum (yes, there’s a Grammy museum) in L.A. just opened an exhibit called The Taylor Swift Experience and who should stop by but the subject herself. Ms Taylor Swift.

Swift posted a video of herself at the exhibit, bopping around to her own music, with the caption, “Went to the Grammy Museum in LA to see the exhibit they did on ma life. My behavior was as embarrassing as usual.”

Yes, very embarrassing to dance to your own tunes. (Equally embarrassing: Counting all your money, buying another mansion, having your own retrospective museum exhibit at 25—the list goes on and on.)

On display at The Taylor Swift Experience are personal photos, handwritten lyrics and the sun-bleached skulls of her enemies. It runs through May 10.

[ E! Online]

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Photos via AP.

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