Ted Cruz Is Thinking About Gay Marriage a Lot

Sure, we should be worried about any thought Ted Cruz has, but this one is especially troubling.

Ted Cruz Is Thinking About Gay Marriage a Lot
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Ted Cruz has been busy since the Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to abortion. The junior senator from Texas hasn’t spent his time considering safe gun laws or preserving the planet for his children’s future. Instead, the failed presidential candidate has spent his time thinking about how gay marriage was “clearly wrong.”

On his podcast, Cruz claimed that the decision to federally recognize gay marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges and the original Roe v. Wade decision have a lot in common. “We saw states before Obergefell, some states were moving to allow gay marriage, other states were moving to allow civil partnerships. There were different standards that the states were adopting,” Cruz said, echoing separate-but-equal language.

The Texan who fled the state during a deadly freeze thinks the queers should just go door-to-door petitioning for our rights:

The way the Constitution set up for you to advance that position is convince your fellow citizens, that if you succeeded in convincing your fellow citizens, then your state would change the laws to reflect those views. In Obergefell, the court said, “No, we know better than you guys do, and now every state must, must sanction and permit gay marriage.”

Is the Republican—who was OK with his rival candidate calling his wife ugly—further experimenting with domination? Does he want people begging for marriage rights state by state, so he can get off on our begging? Sure seems like Cruz did a cursory Google and decided this would fit his needs.

I wish it was that simple, but doms and subs actually engage in a mutually beneficial relationship! This is just another power grab and attempt to stay relevant because he won’t pass legislation to actually benefit Texans. I mean, why do you want to be a senator representing a state you clearly hold so much contempt for? I know the federal government healthcare is good, but I’m sure Heidi’s Goldman Sachs’ benefits can’t be that shabby.

Cruz has been very clear that he does not believe LGBTQ+ people do not deserve equal rights; he jumped on the trans panic bandwagon years ago.

But just in case you’d forgotten, he reaffirmed that belief on his podcast. “I think that decision was clearly wrong when it was decided,” he said. “It was the court overreaching.”

Not only are his fixations on queer people weird, but he lives in arguably the gayest city in Texas. If Cruz doesn’t like gays that much, he should just leave Houston. Go live on a fucking ranch with your guns and your silly outdoor recreation shirts, away from the rest of us. Until then, don’t cross Shepherd Drive into Montrose; we don’t want you here.

OH, and I hope your River Oaks property taxes become untenable.

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