'Teenage Exorcists' Explain the Dangers of Sexually Transmitted Demons


Vice’s new documentary Teenage Exorcists follows three teen girls from Arizona who tour the world saving souls from “sexually transmitted demons.”

Many of the people who the girls are “saving” are often drug addicts or victims of some kind of sexual trauma. Basically, they’ve experienced some heavy shit that three sheltered evangelicals could never really understand. (Which is probably why they over-simplify people’s very real emotional torment by referring to their problems as “demons.”)

Still, an interview segment with them that appears in the film is very educational in the way of demons.

  • “Satan can’t just go into anybody that he wants to. He has to have a legal right.”
  • You can catch demons from having sex prostitutes.
  • You can catch demons from being sexually abused.
  • Teen exorcists stay away from things like Harry Potter, witchcraft, violence, Twilight (mostly because the storyline is “not attractive at all”), really scary horror movies, and “sexual stuff.”
  • The teen exorcists were “crushed” by the death of Margaret Thatcher. She was an inspiration.


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