The 10 Best Books We Read That Came Out This Year

Use this as a last-minute gift guide or inspiration for your own reading list.

Gift Guide
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I’ve never set reading goals for myself because attaching a metric to my one single hobby feels like it would ruin the fun. I do, however, keep running lists on my phone of books I’ve completed and books I want to read. The latter list has grown at a much faster clip, especially this week, when I was reading the blurbs other Jezebel staffers submitted for this compilation of the best books we read that came out this year. (We narrowed it down to 2022 because otherwise, the options are endless.)

We’ve got novels, memoirs, short stories, nonfiction... really whatever genre tickles your fancy, it’s here. Use this list as a gift guide—choosing a book you think a loved one would like is one of the most thoughtful presents you can give, in my opinion (plus it’s an extremely easy gift to buy at your local bookstore)—or as inspiration for your own “to read” list. Hey, that week between Christmas and New Year’s needs to be filled somehow.

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