The 8 Most Sexist TV Commercials Of All Time

Latest has compiled videos of the most mind-bogglingly sexist ads ever presented on TV, from the first Barbie ad in 1959 to a recent commercial that extols the joy of housework to little girls.

It’s hard to imagine that some of these ads actually ran on TV, but they just prove that degrading women has been the one constant in commercials since the invention of television. But, today we have a reminder that sexist advertising is no thing of the past, thanks to M&Ms. The company’s new ads feature the female M&M removing her green swimsuit/shell in an homage to the nearly nude ladies featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. As one tipster says:

1. I didn’t realize that the coating was clothing…I always thought of it as skin. So, in my mind, they just skinned an M&M. Which shouldn’t be wrong, per se, but when you want me to think of it as a living thing…then it’s not OK to skin it.
2. I don’t want to be sexually attracted to my food. I get that there are people with food fetishes out there, that’s cool. But, i think that’s a really niche audience…and I wouldn’t target them in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.
3. It’s messed up that when she’s “naked” her whole body is brown, except her arms? like…does she have vitiligo of the appendages???
4. I love how she’s supposed to be sexy…but clearly, if she were a real woman, they wouldn’t let her within 1 centimeter of a Sports Illustrated cover. i mean, what with her skin condition, and clearly being overweight!

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