The Funniest Figure Skating Faces • Meryl Streep To Speak At Barnard


BuzzFeed‘s roundup of the 20 Funniest Figure Skating Faces is wonderfully hilarious without being even the slightest bit mean-spirited. Only one complaint: No Johnny Weir. Is that because he always looks this fierce? •

• Due to an Orthodox law, Susan Zinkin spent much of her life as the longest-serving “chained wife.” Although she divorced her husband 48 years ago, she was unable to obtain a Jewish divorce (a “get”), which meant she was unable to remarry. Her husband recently died, freeing Zinkin. • According to a new survey, lawyers are the worst drivers, with financial workers coming in second. The best drivers are (weirdly) athletes and homemakers. • The Mancession continues: “Steady increases among women with college degrees over the past two decades apparently paid off during the recession, with government statistics showing they fared better than men over the past year, and for the first time surpassed the number of men holding payroll jobs,” reports the Wall Street Journal. Unfortunately, this is partially because men aren’t entering certain fields, like healthcare and education. • MTV gives us one version of teen parenthood, but MSNBC’s Eckhart Project provides yet another profile of two teens struggling to make it work. Nate, 19, and Samantha, 17, are hopeful, but a little scared. Nate has already pledged to be “a better father than mine ever was,” and Samantha sweetly calls him “my best friend.” • Doctors aren’t sure why, but the average birth weight for U.S. babies has been on the decline. In the past few years, the average birth weight has fallen 2.79 ounces. • Hannah Giles, of ACORN-sting video fame, explains their pimp and prostitute costumes to the Washington Independent: “That was b-roll. It was purely b-roll. He was a pimp, I was a prostitute, and we were walking in front of government buildings to show how the government was whoring out the American people.” How… symbolic? • Want to see Miranda Priestly in person? Then head down to Barnard College on May 17th, where lucky students (and their parents) will hear Meryl Streep’s commencement address.

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