The Gorilla Glue Saga Thickens…

The Gorilla Glue Saga Thickens…
Screenshot:@im_d_ollady/Instagram (Fair Use)

Tessica Brown has reportedly hired an attorney and is considering taking legal action against Gorilla Glue after her decision to swap the substance for hairspray (don’t do this!!) has left the glue stuck to her hair for about a month.

According to TMZ, Brown believes she may have a case because the warning label on the product tells consumers not to get the glue in their eyes or on their skin or clothing, but doesn’t say anything about hair.

After seeing that Brown spent a reported 22 hours in the emergency room over the weekend to seek medical help removing the glue, Gorilla Glue issued a statement saying that they’re very sorry to hear what Brown is going through, which is a “unique situation,” the company wrote, “because this product is not indicated for use in or on hair as it is considered permanent.”

Unfortunately it’s far too late to point that out, though one would think it should be obvious. TMZ reports that emergency room staff couldn’t offer much help: Health care workers reportedly tried applying acetone to Brown’s head, which burned her scalp and failed to strip the glue. TMZ says medical staff sent Brown home and told her to continue trying the rubbing alcohol.

Does Brown have a legal case? I’m going to guess probably not, sadly. But I’m glad to hear she’s getting some other assistance: As of this writing, Brown has raised over $12,000 on GoFundMe, presumably to pay for her emergency room visit and whatever other care she needs to finally, I hope, get the glue out of her hair.

We’re all forever in pursuit of our perfect hairstyle, but some come at too high a cost!

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