The Gossip Girl School Uniforms Are Sparkling New and Messing Me Up

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Image: Backgrid

God doesn’t exist. At least I think they don’t, but on the off chance I’ve been wrong this whole time: Pretty please, if anyone is listening, may I have one of the new Gossip Girl uniforms?

These images are not the first official look at the school uniforms from the new
Gossip Girl, but photos from set Thursday certainly reek of the vision for HBO Max’s upcoming reboot of the hit teen melodrama. Past looksies at the set, which gossips like myself have found amidst a near-impenetrable wall, have been full of promise. Unlike the St. Jude’s for Boys or Constance Billard School for Girls of the past, the heavy, late-aughts fabrics have been updated with a more youthful twinge. There’s more “fashion” this time around, even if it is technically subtler, and hidden under sweatpants and cozy knits. (Hey, we couldn’t wear those garish designs of 2009 forever.)

Today I’d like to focus on Evan Mock and Jordan Alexander’s outfits, both of whom appear to be main characters for the series. I sniff an air of Blair Waldorf and Nate Archibald about them! At least in their overt costuming choices. Alexander’s ensemble screams with “head bitch” energy, a la Blair’s two piece skirt suits and pussybows and silly little hats. Hopefully this isn’t taken as a read, but Mock’s outfit, meanwhile, gives me “guys being dudes,” much like Nate! Perhaps this isn’t helped by the skater energy he so obviously radiates.

Apologies, I got distracted watching videos of him skate...

I need this fucking show to hit the digital air-waves already—I want something fight with people online about!

Anyway, for more looks at the outfits, click through below.

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