The Search For Cleopatra's Tomb

Archaeologists in Egypt believe they are close to uncovering the long lost tomb of Cleopatra, the legendary Egyptian queen, an archaeological find which they believe “could be the most important discovery of the 21st century,”

According to Reuters researchers using radar technology have come across a spot high on a hill, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, that appears to have “three chambers as deep as 20 meters under the rock.” It is believed that these chambers, buried beneath an ancient temple to the Goddess Isis, may be the final resting place of both Cleopatra and her lover, Marc Antony. Researchers have recently uncovered coins bearing Cleopatra’s name, as well as a mask bearing the likeness of Marc Antony, near the ancient temple.

Originally, archaeologists assumed that Cleopatra’s burial site was submerged, due to Ancient Alexandra’s decent into the sea. But lead researcher Kathleen Martinez of the Dominican Republic, believes the Queen may have felt safer outside of the city, making the rocky hills a perfect location: “She needed a place to be protected in the afterlife,” says Martinez, “If she had used the other burial site, she would have disappeared forever.”

Archaeologists Hunt For Cleopatra’s Tomb [Reuters]

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