The View Awesomely Defends Your Right to Sex in the Butt


Be warned: Try to take away a person’s right to legally engage in anal and oral sex and the women of The View will fuck. you. up. Just look at the verbal lashing given to Ken Cuccinelli, the Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate/current VA Attorney General who is currently pushing to reinstate the state’s Crimes Against Nature law, which would make both oral and anal sex felony offenses.

Well, Whoopi, Babs, Joy and Sherri are not having it.

“Whatever happened to the slogan ‘Virginia is for lovers?'” asked an incredulous Barbara Walters.

“What [Cuccinelli] does is automatically equates oral sex with homosexuality,” she continued (as if banning gay sex is somehow more reasonable).

“Well, then,” cut in Sherri Shepherd. “I’m gay as a gay two dollar bill.”

Not how the saying goes, Sherri, but we still catch your drift!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is barely out the door and this show is already so much more awesome.

[Think Progress]

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