#TheDress Is Back in the Form Of #TheShoe


Earlier this year we were all freaking out about #TheDress. Friends, family members and lovers were all at odds over the color of some ugly garment. The debate is back and this time, it’s in the form of a high heel.

A Twitter user named @totallymendes posted a photo of two different shades of nail polish next to a shoe. One polish is purple while the other one appears to be magenta, yet both appear to match the exact color of the shoe. Like before, I see both colors. My eyes!

With the #TheDress phenomenon, we learned so much about our brains, optical illusions and even some psychology behind our responses. With this new presence of The Shoe, the universe is clearly trying to tell us we have so much more to learn. That shoe is probably magenta, though.

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Image via Twitter.

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