These Are the Weirdest and Coolest Grills Ever, Designed by a Woman


Grills have long been an adornment made for the flexers of the world, but these are some of the most extreme you’ll ever see and they’re the work of a woman named Dolly Cohen.

Per Fader, Cohen—a former dental technician, naturally—is the mastermind behind these elaborate grills that look like snapshots from a luxurious (and maybe painful) orthodontist visit.

Grills like the ones above and below were on display at Paris Fashion Week as part of Hood By Air’s spring 2016 runway show.

HBA designer Shayne Oliver gave Dazed this loopy explanation:

“We’re like little kids. We play around so much. It’s just infantile, and about that and that curiosity – when you’re a child, what’s so beautiful about this and that… We did pacifiers, and we just sort of wanted to consider this idea of how when you’re being vocal, you’re being very open. This is a voice, physically you can see it, but this person is trying to say something to you even though they are silent.”

Cohen’s celebrity clientele includes Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and A$AP Rocky. More of her strange and fascinating work below.

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Top image via AP; other images via Instagram

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