This Nine-Year-Old Girl Nailed Her Skateboarding Stunt Like a Boss


This is Sabre Norris, who is about to remind you of the absolute giddy joy of finally accomplishing something you’ve worked your ass off for.

In the video, Norris tries to land a 540, which is a pretty hard skateboarding move. As the Skateboarding Wiki puts it, a 540 “is a 360 Spin with another 180 in there so the board almost spins a full rotation twice.It is basically a full circle and a half so if you think about it in skate lingo one example is a 540 flip where the board does a 360 Flip but keeps going for another 180 so it reaches 540 also so the tail ends up being the nose.”

YIKES. That sounds damn near impossible! But Norris pulls it off flawlessly in the end. After a few attempts, she totally nails it and if her happy scream afterwards doesn’t melt your heart, then you might just be a corpse. Seriously, check your pulse or something.

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