This Week in Meghan McCain Brings Us Meghan McCain, Meghan McCain, Meghan McCain!


There is nothing Meghan McCain likes to talk about more than herself.

This week, McCain managed to make everything about her, even more than usual on The View, a feat which I did not previously think was possible. Congrats to her!

She took issue with the idea that migrant children were being “tortured”, because her father, the late Senator John McCain was once a prisoner of war, which is in no way relevant to the situation at the border. McCain also questioned whether or not E. Jean Carroll’s rape accusation against President Trump could be believed, argued that she couldn’t be a misogynist simply because she has a vagina, and wondered why any of the nominees at the debates spoke Spanish when she can’t personally understand it.

If it’s any consolation, after ten beautiful and harrowing weeks of watching every word you’re somehow allowed to say on TV, you’re the center of my universe, Meghan.

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