Three-Timing Miner Offered Deal With Cheating Website


Chilean miner Yonni Barrios caused a stir when he asked both his wife and his mistress to meet him on the surface. Now it turns out he has a third girlfriend — and an endorsement offer from Success!

According to the NY Daily News, Barrios’s wife of 28 years, Marta Salinas, refused to greet the rescued miner — because he also invited mistress Susana Valenzuela, with whom he’s lived for five years. Valenzuela showed up, but got angry when a third woman tried to to visit Barrios in the hospital. Valenzuela apparently kept the 25-year-old woman out of the hospital, saying later, “He is my Yonny Barrios, mine and no one else’s.”

Apparently the folks at infidelity dating site are impressed with this story — according to Fox News, they’ve offered Barrios $100,000 to be their Spanish-language spokesperson. However, he has to stay married to his wife — presumably he wouldn’t be a famous adulterer otherwise. It’s not clear yet whether Barrios will accept the website’s incentive to continue his extremely complicated personal life, or whether the planned Javier Bardem film about the rescue will include his many romantic entanglements. My guess is no on the latter, however — somehow, an offer from AshleyMadison doesn’t sound like the perfect Hollywood ending.

This Miner’s All Mine, Honey! Johnny Barrios’ Mistress Chases Off His Second Girlfriend [NY Daily News, via Newser]
Exclusive: Cheating Chilean Miner Offered $100,000 To Be Spokesperson For Infidelity Agency [Fox News Pop Tarts]

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