Tiger's Back, But What About Elin And The Swedes?


Tiger Woods‘s press conference touched on topics ranging from Ambien use to “helping others.” But the AP apparently has one question left: Like, how are Swedes reacting to the scandal?

In his pre-Masters presser this afternoon, Woods confirmed that Elin Nordegren won’t be attending the tournament, going on to answer/non-answer questions about everything from his bad knee to his legacy. He sidestepped the issue of whether he was on Ambien at the time of his infamous car crash, oddly responding that he received a “$166 citation.” He claimed that his life of infidelity and lies wasn’t “fun,” and that now golf “feels fun again.” And he said he’d learned that “In order to help people you have to first learn how to help yourself.” Woods’s claim that, “I want to help people who haven’t quite learned to help themselves,” sounds a little odd — is he going to host Sex Rehab?

Despite the length of the Q&A session — as the Seattle Post-Intelligencer points out, this is the longest Woods has talked in public since the scandal — the conference felt pretty pro forma. Is there really anything left to talk about here? According to the AP, yes! Writes Malin Rising:

It may seem puzzling to many women that the 30-year-old former model hasn’t already left her cheating husband. She is, after all, from Sweden-a nation famous for its strong-willed and independent women.

Swede Britta Svensson Swedishly adds,

Our Swedish hearts are brimming with pride. Our own Elin … didn’t take any (expletive). Just like a tough Swedish girl shouldn’t. Elin is our heroine.

Yes, Swedish women don’t stand for infidelity! Except for when they do, like relationship coach Asa Hellberg, who decided to stay with her boyfriend even after he cheated on her with 26 women (not, perhaps, the best advertisement for her services). She says, “If you take care of your own problems and scrutinize your own codependency, and the partner seeks help for his sexual addiction, then you can stay in the relationship.” Sooo, woman-blaming and excuses — hey, we can do that right here in America! If we really want a new perspective on what those indiscretions, we may have to look farther afield than Scandinavia. Perhaps we should be asking actual tigers what they think? Seems just as relevant, even if they’re randy bastards.

How Much Can A Swedish Woman Forgive? Ask Elin [AP, via Breitbart]
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