True Love Lives: Couple Meets, Weds Thanks to Instagram

Which one of you cold, dead harpy bastards said love was dead? Oh, all of you? Well you were all wrong!

Despite all opinions to the contrary, this couple has proven you can find love on the Internet without being bombarded with a bunch of crazy. Denis LaFargue and Elizabeth Wisdom both met via Instagram, amidst a sea of nail art and bathroom mirror selfies. According to ABC News, LaFargue became smitten with Wisdom’s feed when he noticed pictures of some familiar places he had also visited.

Then, he took the brave step and decided to comment on one of her photos. THIS IS JUST LIKE A JANE AUSTEN BOOK.

They courted, much like lovers in ancient times, exclusively via secret messages left on an Internet site visited by billions of people. Then, it was time to take the next step. LaFargue asked for her phone number. I assume this stunned the soon-to-be-bride, because as everyone knows the only reason you get a social media account is to make sure you never, ever have to speak to another human being on a goddamn phone ever again in your life. But, alas! True love was to prevail, according to ABC News:

After talking regularly both via Instagram and over the phone for months Wisdom began feeling that she had to know LaFargue and meet in person. On October 19, 2012, she traveled to New Orleans to have their first face-to-face encounter. The trip went so well that the pair began officially dating shortly after, LaFargue referring to Wisdom as his “Instalady.”

The couple dated for almost a year, and had to endure their fair share of “haters” who doubted the true love filter actually works. To calm her mother’s worries, Wisdom showed her mother LaFargue’s feed which proved conclusively that he wasn’t possibly a serial killer they both shared the same “spiritual beliefs and values.”

They got engaged in a barn festooned with pictures printed out from their long Instagram love journey and finally tied the knot on Oct. 13. To make it official, Wisdom even changed her Instagram handle to @ElizabethLaFargue. Now their bond can never be broken.

A happy ending for all. So next time you are worried about dying alone because you can’t quite perfect your Engagement Chicken recipe, why not try talking to strangers leaving comments on your social media page?

Images via Instagram.

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