Trump Asks Supporters to Buy Him a New Private Plane After His Broke

The former grifter-in-chief appears to be at it again.

Trump Asks Supporters to Buy Him a New Private Plane After His Broke
Photo:Joe Raedle (Getty Images)

As one might expect from a rich man who inherited all his money from daddy, former president Donald Trump is now asking his supporters to buy him a new plane, days after his private plane had to make an emergency landing due to an engine failure.

In a Thursday email to supporters, with the subject line “Update Trump Force One,” Trump claimed “[his] team is building a BRAND NEW Trump Force One” and that he “can’t wait to unveil it for everyone to see.” The email asks prospective donors if they might recall the good ole days when the former president would travel around the country on Trump Force One, offering a poll asking whether readers wanted to see his new plane??? Of course, clicking either “yes” or “no” immediately redirects you to a donation page to give him your money.

It’s pretty ironic that a man who was elected leader of the free world with zero political experience or knowledge or skills at all, purely based on his “business sense” (read: he’s rich), has to hold the grown man equivalent of a bake sale to buy himself a new private plane.

Sadly, fundraising off of his alleged personal tragedies (Trump is reportedly absolutely fine after his near-crash experience) is pretty par for the course for the man who campaigned entirely on building a wall at the Southern border and making Mexico foot the bill. Harken back to a time when Trump contracted covid and was briefly hospitalized, and the whole nation grieved as he tried to exit the hospital in a literal Superman t-shirt, and then he used that moment as an opportunity to fundraise! In an email to supporters shortly after he left Walter Reed Hospital, he claimed that this was the “best I’ve felt in 20 years!” and told supporters to not be afraid of covid, before asking for money.

In other words, leveraging an experience like his private plane’s engine failing to ask his supporters to buy him a new plane isn’t exactly surprising for our former grifter-in-chief. Where others might look at contracting a severe respiratory disease or their plane’s emergency landing as near-death experiences that may force us to reflect on how we’re spending these precious moments of our lives, Trump will always spot an opportunity for a cash-grab.

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