Vanity Fair's Oscar Afterparty: The Bad


And the stars came out to Vanity Fair‘s afterparty, and they wore strange clothes, and we saw their work, and it was Bad.

From the pure romance of the red carpet, Anna Kendrick transitioned to Bad Romance.

Salma Hayek wins the Helena Bonham Carter Memorial Award for random, Bosch-inspired grotesquerie.

When does homage merely become costume? Heidi Klum knows.

I wonder if this would look better if Maria Bello‘s hair didn’t match the fringe of her dress, and the fringe of her dress didn’t look like something washed up from an angry sea.

Jessica Seinfeld didn’t want to choose amongst the available trims. So she didn’t!

At first glance, I thought Katy Perry‘s gown was A-OK. At second, I thought it looked like a burlesque costume that Dita rejected.

Shaun White is a child and an athlete and really, why wouldn’t he be wearing this? But why is he here?

Sarah Silverman and the case of the unflattering fishnets.

Diana Vreeland said, elegance is refusal. Rita Wilson said, I don’t care.

Suzanne Somers, stealing from Barbie’s closet again.

Jennifer Lopez‘ follow-up to the bizarre red carpet is an equally bizarre drapery. But she can shoot lasers out of her finger, so I’ll shut up now.

[Images via Getty.]

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