Victoria's Secret Models Are Actual Skeletons In Lane Bryant Parody Vid (Updated)


Not content with its first round of favorable press after its plus size lingerie ad was rebuffed by networks, Lane Bryant made a web video comparing Victoria’s Secret models to skeletons, which is making the rounds today.

The ad isn’t officially claimed by Lane Bryant but has some pretty high production values. (Plus, if Perez says it’s true…). It “advertises” a bra “specifically designed to air on Fox and ABC” that isn’t “for chubbies.”

Sure, the Victoria’s Secret ads are absurdly mockable, and Lane Bryant had a point when it observed that their ads go in places where their Cacique ads were considered inappropriate. But this gambit loses me — it smacks too much of the “eat a sandwich” school of body criticism.

In the meantime, here is a (real) Victoria’s Secret ad I could get behind. It’s from 1977. Don’t they look pretty? Yes, they’re all thin and white, but their bodies look — gasp — natural.

Update: Though this was originally said to be a viral video planted by Lane Bryant, it is actually a parody video made by Landline TV. Our apologies for the error.

New Sexy Victoria’s Secret Ad [YouTube]

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