View Knockoff To Provide Celeb Lesbian, Scientologist Perspective


CBS has announced that its View imitation has an equally original name: The Talk. Today, Sara Gilbert talked to TV critics her partner being left off the press release, and Leah Remini promised not to be the Scientology one.

According to The Wrap,

The press release for “The Talk” included the names of the spouses of all of the show’s hosts except for Gilbert’s. Gilbert said she left her partner’s name off the announcement because she didn’t want to come out “in a CBS press release” and preferred to start discussing the matter at TCA, though in actuality she didn’t have much else to say about it.

It also had no mention of the fact that she is (openly) gay, partner or no partner. Gilbert is also a co-producer of the show, so presumably she was able to have some say about how this would be discussed.

Meanwhile, Leah Remini was asked if she would be bringing the Scientologist’s perspective to the show. “Not at all,” she said, adding, “I love to make people laugh, I love entertaining people … that’s what I do, that other thing [Scientology], that’s not part of my job.”

That other thing? Hmm. Julie Chen wasn’t nearly so guarded, maybe because she’s married to the head of the network:

“[The show] should kind of feel like…has everyone in this room seen that movie Barbershop with Cedric the Entertainer and Ice Cube? And Cedric would say the most ridiculous, controversial things? I remember one scene, he was like, “O.J. did it! Rosa Parks sat down because she was tired!” This show should feel like you’re hearing six women talking about what everyone is buzzing about. We don’t have an edit button. This is how we feel. We’re not here to judge each other. We’re hear to talk about what everyone is talking about in the world.”

Just like Barbershop. Or Beauty Shop?

Julie Chen Compares Her New Show To Barbershop [Movieline]
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