Watch Kelly Clarkson Cover 'Fancy' As Reba McEntire Watches 


It’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s and there is not one goddamn thing happening in your office. Why not take a few minutes to watch Kelly Clarkson cover “Fancy” to celebrate Reba McEntire being honored by the Kennedy Center?

Really the best part of this video is how proud Reba looks at Clarkson, who is her daughter-in-law. Congrats on showing up everyone’s Christmas gifts for their mothers-in-law, Kelly.

“Fancy” was written and originally recorded by Bobbie Gentry in the 1970s, but Reba basically stole it out from under her with her 1990 cover—or at least, for anybody who grew up watching CMT in that era, a group that presumably includes Clarkson. And it’s a big reveal when you finally get to be old enough to figure out the subject matter, I’ll tell you that much.

Anyway, please enjoy the cut to a stone-faced Betsy DeVos on the lyric “hypocrites”!

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