Watch Key & Peele Bring 'Black on Black Violence' to College A Capella


As many current Jezebel staffers can attest, those brave enough to enter the dark world of college a capella find themselves constantly mired in a brutal web of emotional warfare, bad Katy Perry covers, and often, overwhelming racial homogeny—the latter of which, according to this brilliant sketch from a recent episode of Key & Peele, occasionally leads to a serious outbreak of black on black violence!

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele play Mark and Troy, two black dudes competing for the token “soulful” spotlight in a very embarrassing and lightly racist all-white all-male a capella group. They proceed to get very real with each other (“You think I’m gonna roll over for some falsetto-ass motherfucker?”), later finding themselves at similar odds during an improv practice. A+.

God, Peele is good. Let his beautiful outfit-wig combo provide a momentary respite from your summer Friday ennui.

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