We don't know about you but we're desperate enough to do it.


For everyone who is confident of waking up tomorrow with a letterbox full of pink envelopes, and especially for those smugpants glossy-haired stepford girls who actually get flowers sent to the office, well, screw you.

For everyone else, here’s the plan. Put on some pants, go bald and shun commitment. Perfect. You can now pretend you’re your own ex-boyfriend.

Head over to L’Adore Boutique, and spend, spend spend in a Valentine frenzy. Not only do they have an adorable selection of goodies from everyone from Betsey Johnson to Ella Moss (we’ll pass swiftly over the Jessica Simpson line), but you can get 10% off orders over $100 (and let’s face it, we need BIGTIME retail therapy on Feb 14) with the promo code ‘LOVE07’.

Just remember to smile bitterly as you type it in. And make them gift-wrap it for you. With a card, saying ‘with all my love, Justin Timberlake’.

[It’s cold. So cold.]

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