We Want To See Your Least-Sexy Halloween Costumes!


Sick of seeing ridiculous, stupid “sexy” Halloween costumes for women? Fuck yes, you are. So let’s protest the trend by showing off your scariest and/or goofiest unsexy costumes. Lingerie is not welcome here, oh no.

If you’re trick-or-treating as Jabba the Hutt, a cereal killer, a frumpy old lady, a blood-oozing zombie, or anything else that is decidedly unattractive, we want to see it! Send us your pics — old ones, new ones, whatever’s un-sexy! — by e-mailing [email protected], or just post them in the comments here. On Monday, November 1 we’ll post the best submissions in a gallery of gloriously unattractive getups. Boo, indeed.

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