Weird Al's 'Lame Claim to Fame' Mocks Name-Dropping Celeb Culture


Do you remember that time you ran into that guy from that show your mom likes at the Shell station when he was buying a Kit Kat? You wrote a 500-word Facebook post about it and shared pictures of the pump where you were getting your gas at the time. Well, Weird Al thinks you need to let it go. Seriously.

The seventh in the #8videos8days barrage of Weird Al videos from his album Mandatory Fun is at long last upon us. Via Rolling Stone:

Inspired musically by Southern Culture on the Skids’ “Camel Walk,” the trucker hat-wearing star of Yankovic’s stop-motion animation video brags about having jury duty with Art Garfunkel and sharing an elevator with Christian Slater. “My best friend’s brother was an extra in Wayne’s World 2,” Yankovic sings. “I got me an email from the prince of Nigeria… well, he sure sounded legit.”
“Lame Claim to Fame” is the Sunday delivery of what has been “Weird Al” Week 2014. So far, Yankovic has also dropped the Lorde-parodying “Foil,” the Pixies-informed “First World Problems,” the Iggy Azalea-spoofing “Handy,” the Pharrell satire “Tacky,” the satirical fight song “Sports Song,” and “Word Crimes,” an attack on Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” Hopefully, his takeoff of Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive,” dubbed “Inactive,” is around the corner.

As The Mary Sue points out, the video has a lot of surprises, especially for longtime fans of the comedic singer:

“Lame Claim to Fame” is full of references to Weird Al’s past videos (My Bologna! Jurassic Park! Like A Surgeon! UHF!), and bonus points if you catch all the Dr. Demento references and appearances! (Demento gave Al his first job, you know).

This one is pretty great, even though “Tacky” has been the best one for me so far. Thanks for a great week, Weird Al.

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