What Happened When Australia's Next Top Model Named Wrong Winner


When host Sarah Murdoch realized that she had announced the wrong winner she said, “I’m feeling a bit sick about this.” Between Sarah, the winner and the real winner, a full range of human emotion was on display.

At first, Murdoch announced that Kelsey, in the black dress, had won the competition. Amanda, in the red dress, was disappointed but gracious.

Then there was some murmuring from somewhere near the cameras — probably from producers — and Murdoch gasped, “Oh my God.”

“I’m so sorry about this,” she continued. “Oh my God.”

The models had no idea what the hell was going on, but could sense that something was really, really wrong.

Murdoch seemed frightened.

And also flabbergasted.

The models were confused, in need of information and reassurance — and also shocked that something weird was happening on live TV.

Finally, Murdoch explained that Amanda in the red dress and not Kelsey was the winner. She was hiding her face with the shame of her mistake.

She was mortified.

The new winner was stunned; the new loser — just for a minute— was fucking pissed. She recovered very quickly and hugged Amanda.

Meanwhile, the crowd was doing that slow clap wide-eyed what the hell thing. Then Amanda walked a victory lap on the runway and the credits rolled. Crazytown!

See for yourself!

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