What Kind Of Americans Are Going To London?


Would you shell out thousands of dollars for a trip across the pond to see William and Kate’s royal nuptials in person? Of the estimated 600,000 tourists expected to show up in London, about 20% are suggested to be Americans — let’s meet some of them!

Good Morning America caught up with a few anglophiles about to make the trip, and each of them appeared to have at least a few screws charmingly loose. One woman — with a house full of Charles and Diana trinkets — has “followed William since he was born” and said “when Diana died, I wanted to see [William] fall in love and get married.” A self-described “Royal-watching” couple bought tickets as soon as William and Kate’s engagement was announced — and have dedicated the majority of clothes at their boutique to the fashions of Kate Middleton. And finally, we met a wedding planner who sees the royal wedding as a “business venture,” though she’s admittedly dragging her husband and two sons along for the ride. We bet they’re thrilled.

Round-trip airfare begins at $800 (and only skyrockets from there) but there is a way to do the trip the cheap once you arrive in London — if you like nature and sleeping on the ground. Camp Royale, London’s official wedding campgrounds, is a “big, royal wedding sleepover” in Clapham Commons (or, as the yanks call it, “a park”).

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