What The Hell Was Jared Leto Wearing? And Other Questions From The Couture Shows


At the Paris couture shows, we expect to see extravagant creations. We expect to see stars, like Claire Danes, Hugh Dancy and Jessica Alba. What no one in their worst nightmares expected was the bizarre horror that was Jared Leto:

Jessica Alba, so dainty, pretty and cool at Christian Dior.

Claire Danes with husband (congrats!) Hugh Dancy at Armani Prive. Since they got together, the two of them have been front-row regulars. How does he feel about this? Is it stoic love, or has he gotten super into it? And what do we think of her ode to rainbow sherbert?

Like her expression, Lily Cole’s getup combines sweetness with just a touch of insolence. And how lovely are these shoes everyone’s wearing at Dior?

I thought owls were an ’07 thing, but Roxanne Mesquida, at Armani Prive, has taught me otherwise. Or maybe they’re a new classic, the way people are always aggressively claiming leopard is?

Marisa Berenson‘s toile, at Dior, looks ready for the spare bedroom – but fashion icon’s prerogative, I suppose.

Ooh, Claudia Cardinale, dressed exactly as one would hope an Italian film star of the glam era would be dressed for the Armani show, in bon chic, bon genre summer suiting!

More fluid Armani suiting on the ever-insouciant Isabelle Huppert!

If we needed an illustration of summer “euro-chic,” this effortless look from Bianca Brandolini would fit the bill. (At Armani Prive.)

Nora Arnezeder and Roxanne Mesquida, at Dior, are apparently not bothered by their proximity to the Top Man-clad toddler cyborg formerly known as Jared Leto.

[Images via Getty]

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