What's Next For 2010's Worst Dudes?


Last year saw its share of douchebags, assholes, and generally repellent people. Here’s what we think — or hope — will happen to them this year.

Roman Polanski committed rape back in 1977, but his arrest in Switzerland in 2009 brought the case to the fore again. In 2010 we saw a public statement by Polanski in which he cast himself as the victim, and, eventually, his release. His extradition in 2011 seems like too much to hope for — unless, that is, he ventures to England or Italy. This may be a quiet year for him, though he’ll be back in the news in 2012 with the release of God of Carnage.

Financier Jeffrey Epstein served a very cushy-sounding 13-month sentence for solicitation of prostitution, despite his alleged assaults on 18 or more underage girls. Now he’s free, and partying with the likes of Prince Andrew and Woody Allen. But at least as of this summer, federal authorities were investigating Epstein for possible child trafficking — if they find something, we could see more serious charges in 2011.

We all know Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock because she made too much money and also because of the Oscar curse. New love Kat Von D is significantly less rich and famous than Sandra, so obviously they will get married in 2011 and live happily ever after with no infidelity at all.

Wisconsin DA Kenneth Kratz initially acted like his relentless sexting of a domestic abuse victim was no big deal. Finally, though, he resigned — and his replacement Jerilyn Dietz, herself a survivor of sexual assault, just started work in December. We hope Kratz exercises better judgment in 2011, and that anti-choice (and anti-birth-control) incoming governor Scott Walker doesn’t roll back women’s rights in Wisconsin.

Mel Gibson repeatedly horrified us in 2010, from his abusive tirades against Oksana Grigorieva to accounts of his bizarre anti-Semitic comments. Of course, Gibson says Grigorieva “pushed his buttons,” and some of his friends continue to defend him. But Mel Gibson’s behavior might have cost him a role in The Hangover, and his continued legal troubles can’t be good for his career. In 2011, he could even face jail time.

This year, we learned about fashion photographer Terry Richardson’s alleged fondness for handjobs, tampon tea, and harassment. Despite criticism from Tavi Gevinson and others, Richardson presses on with gluttony-themed photo shoots and songs about child molesters. He’s ringing in the new year with an unsurprisingly pervy ad campaign for Equinox gyms, but does his Mango campaign signal a less icky direction for 2011? We’re not holding our breath.

Silvio Berlusconi’s penchant for showgirls, sexy Santas, and saying the most offensive thing possible in any given situation have kept him in the news for a while. This year, he educated us on “bunga-bunga” and the virtues of dating a rich guy. But a leaked cable suggested that all the bunga was wearing him out, and he appears to be losing support in the Italian government. Maybe 2011 will bring Berlusconi’s overdue retirement.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange hasn’t yet traveled to Sweden to be questioned about the rape allegations against him, but he has introduced us to the phrase “Saudi Arabia of feminism” and sparked some truly terrible public conversation. And if he isn’t already haunting your dreams, these photos of his Christmas activities may help. In 2011, we’ll see his extradition hearing, and, depending on how that goes, possible trial in Sweden. We may also get to read his memoir — he’s slated to deliver the manuscript sometime this year. And maybe we’ll finally hear the dirt WikiLeaks supposedly has on a big US bank. Also, WikiLeaks aficionados can ring in the new year with MIA’s just-released mixtape ViCKi LEEKX.

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