Who Killed Nancy? Not Sid, Documentary Claims


A new documentary claims that Sid Vicious may not be responsible for the death of his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, who was found stabbed to death on the bathroom floor of the couple’s hotel room.

Vicious has always been the prime suspect in Spungen’s murder; the hunting knife that provided Spungen with the single stab wound to the stomach that ended her life was traced to Vicious, who claimed that he had no memory of the murder, as he was drugged up beyond belief and only noticed Nancy’s condition when he woke to find her on the bathroom floor, surrounded in blood.

Vicious was never brought to trial for the murder- he died of a heroin overdose while out on bail. Vicious’ mother, who committed suicide in 1996, always believed that her son was innocent, and asked film maker Alan Parker to help her prove it, which he hopes to do with his new film, “Who Killed Nancy?”

“I just wanted to clear his name,” Parker says. “Of course I wasn’t there, I can’t swear on the bible he didn’t do it, but people involved have always told me to keep digging, keep digging and when you do dig it just does not add up.”

Parker’s film points out a list of shady characters who might have been responsible for Spungen’s death, including a drug dealer named Rockets Redglare, a drug addict named Michael, and Spungen herself. “To me, she just did it herself because that’s what people like that do, like teenagers who cut themselves,” Howie Pyro tells Parker.

Though the film will most likely present more questions than answers, it will succeed in furthering the Sid and Nancy mythology; an extremely screwed-up love story that people seem to romanticize more and more as time goes on. And much like the documentary Kurt and Courtney, Parker’s film will ensure that people on both sides of the mystery will have more to discuss, and Sid and Nancy’s names will continue to be forever connected, in love or in misery.

Documentary Claims Sex Pistols Singer Sid Vicious Did Not Kill Girlfriend Nancy Spungen [Telegraph]

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