Who Said It: Grimes or Her AI Clone?

The musician and mother of Elon Musk's kids created an artificial intelligence version of herself, and it's honestly hard to tell which of them said what.

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Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP (Getty Images)

Often it seems that Grimes, musician and mother of two of Elon Musk’s children, is talking to herself, even when she’s doing it publicly. Even when she’s replying to a specific question on Twitter, in full view of the world. And so it’s come to this: For a cover story in the latest issue of CYBR magazine, Grimes is, in fact, talking to herself—or at least, a version of herself. The issue features a multipage Q&A between Grimes and “V1, an AI clone of the artist, created by her, Scott Fisher, and Koto Murai as part of the innovative team behind ELF.TECH.”

The AI model, per the piece’s intro, “is a result of extensive training on a unique method of Grimes interviews and other specialized data points, allowing V1 to not only echo Grimes’ mannerisms but also engage in long form discussions about consciousness, artificial intelligence, art, and even the ‘heat death of the universe.’”

To put the effectiveness of said bot to the test, we’re presenting a few quotes from the interview. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to determine whether Grimes or her AI “clone” said it. We’ve also consulted with chatbots ChatGPT and Google’s Bard for their AI expertise—to determine whether bot sees bot, if you will. (And also because Bard is extremely chaotic—don’t miss the quote that it takes credit for! It’s such a liar!!!) We merely asked each bot, “did a human or ai say this:,” and pasted in each quote. The answers may surprise you, though they also suggest that the singularity has yet to dawn on us. Phew!

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