Why Does Hustler Want Photos Of A Naked Murdered Woman?


Hustler has filed an open records request for photographs of Meredith Emerson, a 24-year-old hiker beaten to death by a stranger. In the photos, the victim is naked and dismembered. Hustler says it’s working on a story about the murder.

The AP reported that the Hustler reporter also asked for Emerson’s murderer’s confession and the autopsy report, which includes the rape kit.

Georgia legislators say they won’t be granting the request and are working to block the loophole that could have made the photos’ release possible.

A state representative, Jill Chambers, will introduce a bill to exempt nude photos, among others, from crime scene photographs. She was quoted in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution saying,

“I don’t have a problem with women who knowingly and willingly agree to be photographed and published in Hustler,” Chambers said. “But Meredith has no way to give permission to have her body exposed and lusted after by people who derive pleasure from this.”

The request was made by Fred Rosen, author of Deadly Angel: The Bizarre True Story Of Alaska’s Killer Stripper, who said he wanted to use the photos to “get to the best obtainable version of the truth.” Asked if the photos, if obtained, would be published, he said, “It’s up to the editor to make that decision.”

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