Will Amanda Seyfried Pull A "Lohan"? Will Jersey Shore Get A New Cast?

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  • From a ridiculous piece on Amanda Seyfried:

“Will she deal with the sudden fame, money and attention in a level-headed way, keeping her personal life in check while carefully choosing projects to build a long-term career? Or will she pull what can only be called ‘a Lohan,’ falling down a wormhole of nightclubbing, booze and broken dreams that can only end in one of two ways: with a straight-to-DVD sex tape, or worse, a spot on the judging panel of America’s Got Talent?” Ugh. Seriously? This is the best example of building up and tearing down. WTF. Another preposterous line: “Seyfried has said she probably won’t get married for at least 10 years. Uh oh.” Unmarried wimmenz are out of control!!! [NY Post]

  • Did you almost forget about Lindsay Lohan suing E*trade for calling a “milkaholic” baby “Lindsay” in a commercial? Well, E*Trade has not forgotten, and the company has filed a motion to dismiss the case, calling it “meritless.” [TMZ]
  • Here are pictures of Lady Gaga roaming the streets of Stockholm, Sweden in her underwear. [ONTD]
  • The latest on Kendra‘s sex tape is that she made a few of them when she was 18, and she had “intimate relations” with multiple partners. Even though she tried to sell them herself two years ago, she doesn’t want them sold now. [Radar Online]
  • Wait, what? The third season of Jersey Shore will have an all-new cast? Cheaper, I guess. Snooki, we hardly knew ye! [NY Post]
  • Apparently Russell Crowe was a “diva” on the sets of Robin Hood and Gladiator. He “repeatedly walked off the set.” He challenged members of the crew to a race, and when he lost, muttered, “I would have won, but I can’t run in the sand in sandals.” He also didn’t like his signature line in the script, and said: “It was shit, but I’m the greatest actor in the world, and I can make even shit sound good.” [NY Post]
  • Justin Bieber took his mom to the mall for Mother’s Day. [E!]
  • RIP Lena Horne. More later. [LA times]
  • Rachel Weisz and Katie Holmes are both playing Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis in two different projects, but there’s no rivalry, according Weisz: “She’s a fantastic actress. It’s not a competition.” [People]
  • Whee! Betty White‘s episode of Saturday Night Live earned the show its highest ratings in 18 months. “She was a dream,” Seth Meyers says. And when asked if he was intimidated by all the “girl power” in one episode, Seth quipped: “The chicks have been ruling SNL for years.” [Gatecrasher]
  • Happy Birthday, Gosselin Sextuplets! Jon Gosselin told a reporter that he wasn’t sure if Kate Gosselin would let him see his kids today, but the truth is, he and Kate had already discussed the situation by phone, and Kate told Jon he could see his kids on their birthday. A source says, “Nobody knows why Jon does this, unless it’s for attention.” Well, duh. [Radar Online]
  • The Sex And The City 2: Rise Of The Manolos plot is such a well-guarded secret, every page of the script was watermarked with the name of the actor or crew member to whom it belonged, so if the script was leaked, the producers would know by whom. [Daily Express]
  • Cynthia Nixon on rumors that the SATC ladies don’t get along: “It hasn’t always been smooth sailing. But the idea that we’re somehow adversarial is ludicrous.” [Gatcrasher via Marie Claire]
  • Kristin Davis adds: “There was a [story] that Kim [Cattrall] and I would eat in the restaurant of our hotel and not sit together, which cracks me up. When I would get back from the set, I would go to the gym and get room service. I’m not a put-on-decent-clothes-and-go-to-the-hotel-restaurant person, but Kim is. The story was that we don’t like each other. Ridiculous!” [Gatecrasher]
  • Charlie Sheen‘s wife is no longer wearing her 11-carat ring as the couple prepares to divorce. [Radar Online]
  • Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren will share joint custody of their children in their divorce. [Radar Online]
  • Tiger Woods has withdrawn from the prestigious Players Championship; he has a “bulging disc” in his back. [Radar Online]
  • Video: A Golf Channel reporter calls Tiger Woods‘ injury a “bulging dick.” [TMZ]
  • Bobby Brown is engaged! The lucky lady is Alicia Etheridge, with whom he has an 11-month old child. He proposed on stage and she said yes. Good luck! [People]
  • Natalie Portman might be starring in David Fincher‘s film version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, not that there isn’t already a film version of that book. [JustJared]
  • There was another bomb scare in NYC on Sunday, and Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and their kids were some of the people who ended up being in the midst of police activity. Apparently when the kids asked what all the fuss was about, Michael Douglas told them it was “because it’s Mother’s Day.” [Radar Online]
  • “Heard Bethenny had a baby boy … so happy for her and son. So happy for them,” Jill Zarin wrote on Facebook on Friday. At the time, Bethenny Frankel was still in labor with a baby girl. Apparently “hundreds and hundreds of people” attacked Jill for announcing something about Bethenny’s baby before Bethenny did. [Gatecrasher]
  • Sunday, Bethenny Frankel posted on Twitter: “I can’t express how happy I am & how beautiful, supportive & thoughtful u all are. Bryn is a tiny beautiful peanut. new chapter begins. thank you.Happy mother’s day to all of u. hopefully momma & the peanut can go home soon. she’s tiny.” [E!]
  • Kanye West is working on his next album in Hawaii (?!) and has decided to sell his 3 bedroom house in the Hollywood Hills. As you can see in the pix at the link, the house has a minimalist aesthetic, a fish tank by the bathtub and a great view. The Jetsons art is probably not included in the $3,995,000 asking price. [Rap Radar]
  • Amanda Peet‘s husband has testified about the incident in which a burglar used a crowbar to pry open a skylight and creep into the couple’s home, stealing jewelry. [NYDN]
  • People are making a big deal about Anne Hathaway‘s boyfriend “stealing” a street art-covered piece of plywood from a construction site. As Fred Armisen playing Joy Behar says, So what? Who cares? [Gothamist, NY Post]
  • HOT OFF THE PRESSES: John Mayer has a brother named Carl. No word on whether the white supremacist dick runs in the family. [Page Six]
  • Heidi Klum and Seal renewed their wedding vows on Saturday. Heidi says: “It’s so special to us, something we love and something our children have gotten accustomed to. It’s like, ‘Hey, Mom and Dad love each other and they get married every year!'” [People]
  • Copycats Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott also renewed their wedding vows on Saturday. [People, Us]
  • Here is a picture of Agyness Deyn on the beach in Florida wearing a bikini and rocking a new, very close-cropped hairdo. [JustJared]
  • We heard this buzz before, but it persists: Lance Bass and Queer Eye‘s Kyan Douglas have a thing going on. [Page Six]
  • Poor Susan Boyle has some family issues. She is suing her brothers Gerry and John Boyle for break of privacy after they gave an interview in which they claimed that she was not being managed properly and that they were worried about he supposedly bizarre behavior. [Daily Express]
  • Susan Boyle has a new house, but she can’t move in until paperwork for all the anti-stalker stuff — electric gates, closed-circuit TV, alarm system — is approved. [The Sun]
  • Janice Dickinson doesn’t know who paid $20,000 at a charity auction to go on a date with her, but says: “Whoever they are, they’re going to get a lot more for their money than they paid!” [Page Six]
  • At the link, Marg Helgenberger discusses the creepiest scene she ever had to deal with while filming CSI. [NY Post]
  • In the video at the link, a cameraman pesters LaToya Jackson, who denies that Michael Jackson was gay. [TMZ]
  • Kelly Rowland denies that she and Beyoncé have some sort of rivalry. “I think there’s room for everybody,” Kelly says. [Contact Music]
  • Mel Gibson‘s ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, who gave birth to a daughter last October, now reveals that she had been in a relationship with Mel for three years — not the one year previously reported. Which means, of course, that Mel and Oksana started dating when Mel was still married to wife Robyn, with whom he has seven kids. [Daily Mail]
  • Mel Gibson “vehemently” denies that he cheated on ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva with Polish porn star Violet Kowal. [News.com.au]
  • Danny Glover was booed at Utah State’s commencement ceremony for not saluting the flag. He says: “I was listening to the national anthem and paying attention. I probably wasn’t the only one in there who didn’t put a hand over their heart.” [NYDN]
  • “No happy ending for Jack Bauer on 24 finale, but he does survive for potential movie.” [NYDN]
  • In a letter from prison, Lil Wayne writes that he wants to “pay tribute to every positive matriarch on Mother’s Day. In my eyes, that day is 365 days a year” and “to the mothers of my beautiful children, there remains nothing but love, adoration and respect coming from my heart” and “I love my babies with all my heart” and “Happy Mother’s Day to each and every lady who has raised/is raising her kids the best way possible.” [ONTD via WeezyThanxYou,com]
  • Congrats to Colin Hanks, who got married on Saturday in L.A. [EW]
  • What’s for dinner tonight? Why not make tagliatelle using a recipe from Real Housewives Of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice? Pasta! Butter! Ham! [NYDN]
  • Michelle Duggar spent Mother’s Day in the neonatal intensive care unit of the hospital, with her daughter, Josie Brooklyn, was was born a preemie at a gestational age of 25 weeks and now weighs only 6 lbs. (The baby was 1 lb. 6 oz when born.) [People]
  • ’80s Flashback: Jani Lane from Warrant was arrested for DUI yesterday. [TMZ]
  • Julie Andrews performed her first show in 30 years at London’s O2 arena over the weekend, and received numerous standing ovations. [Daily Express]
  • Blind item! “Which leading man has a thing for his co-stars? And not just the current one he was caught kissing. A few years ago, this handsome actor arrived quite drunk in the wee hours at the Mercer Hotel — where his lovely co-star was staying — demanding to be allowed up to her room. ‘She said she could hear his shouts all the way upstairs,’ said one friend. ‘He was tossed out.'” [Page Six]
  • “This used to be the All-Star Café. A sports-themed bar. They used to serve me for free, because I would go there all the time by myself. I was fourteen. I was in a Tennessee Williams play. I think they felt bad for me, so they gave me matzo-ball soup.” — Jesse Eisenberg of The Squid and the Whale, Zombieland and Adventureland. He started acting after a traumatizing sixth-grade year at a big new school. “Imagine a place where kids are kissing each other and smoking cigarettes, and it’s scary. I was miserable there. I didn’t fit in.” Jesse did a brief stint in a mental hospital. The next year: “I started acting professionally, because it was the only way to get out of school with a legitimate reason.” [The New Yorker]
  • “All of my characters have a glint of madness. Some people think I’m nuts too, but I/m just interested in exploring new ways of acting.” — Nicolas Cage. [Daily Express]
  • “My mother always made it seem like heaven to make a film, [as do I]. Enjoying myself, acting, forgetting myself in scene. Really, it is very selfish.” — Charlotte Gainsbourg. [New York Magazine]
  • “I could play a prostitute convincingly because my best friend was one.” — Samantha Morton on the acting work she did when she was 16. [Guardian]
  • “It doesn’t always have to be going to the spa because maybe we can’t afford that, but take some time for yourself. Moms always have the kids walking in when we’re on the toilet. They’re like ‘Mom, let me see! What’s that smell?’ Close the door…take a moment, light a candle, meditate.” — Kimora Lee Simmons. [E!]
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