Winehouse Is Back In Rehab; Marilyn's Sex Parties With The Kennedys

  • After a drinking binge, Amy Winehouse reportedly reentered rehab on Friday at the request of her new boyfriend Reg Traviss. “Reg has told her to quit the booze, otherwise he’ll be off, and she hit it hard last week,” says a source.
  • “She wants to keep him so has decided to make a huge effort to stay sober.” She’s allegedly being treated at the London Clinic. [DigitalSpy]
  • In retro gossip, the FBI released records today including a 1965 memo claiming a New York woman had “considerable information about sex parties” involving Ted Kennedy, JFK, RFK, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and Sammy Davis Jr. The papers also document the many death threats Ted Kennedy received during his political career. [N.Y. Post]
  • A paparazzo claims Britney Spears‘ relationship with Jason Trawick is a sham, and it has been from the start. He says, “Britney and Jason are totally fake. Jason is like Britney’s assistant. They never hold hands unless the cameras are around. This trip seems like an attempt for Jason to salvage whatever type of relationship these two have with each other because everyone’s reporting that they’ve broken up. Thing is … they were never really together!” [X17]
  • Gary Coleman‘s official cause of death has been ruled a fall, with chronic renal failure listed as a contributing factor. [US]
  • Gary Coleman‘s death certificate says he was married when he died. [TMZ]
  • Gary Coleman‘s former manager Dion Mial is bowing out of the fight over who should oversee Gary’s estate. [AP]
  • In a clip from Gary Coleman‘s unaired reality show pilot, he says his goal is “to keep Shannon [Price] in my life” and that their love “will always be more important than anything else.” [TMZ]
  • Charges against the man who picketed outside Elton John‘s Atlanta condominium with a sign that said “Why Elton John Must Die” have been dismissed. [Mirror]
  • Ryan Seacrest‘s stalker, Chidi Uzomah, was sentenced to two years in prison today after pleading no contest to felony stalking. [TMZ]
  • Katherine Jackson‘s lawyer responded to Joe Jackson‘s suggestion that she’s to blame for Michael Jackson‘s death saying, “The inference by Joe Jackson that Mrs. Jackson was in any way responsible for Michael’s death is preposterous. Katherine Jackson was a supportive and loving mother throughout Michael’s life. His love and respect for her is reflected in his estate plan.” [TMZ]
  • Dr. Arnold Klein defended Katherine saying, “Michael was very close to Katherine, but Joe talked to him too, but all Joe ever wanted to talk about was business. Everything Joe utters is nonsensical.” [TMZ]
  • A judge ruled today that Dr. Conrad Murray can keep practicing medicine in California while he waits for a trial on his role in Michael Jackson’s death. [TMZ]
  • Apparently Scarlett Johansson snubbed Ryan Reynolds at the Tony’s by failing to embrace him when her name was called and heading up to accept her award instead. However, she walked back to their seats and gave him a quick kiss after realizing her “mistake.” [Us]
  • Could Scarlett Johansson win an EGOT? It is, in the words of Tracy Jordan, “a good goal for a talented crazy person.” [N.Y. Magazine]
  • Kim Kardashian is hanging out with Justin Bieber in the Caribbean and messing with his hair. [Perez]
  • Khloe Kardashian says of the rumors that she’s pregnant, “I’m so nuts that I went out and got a pregnancy test! I was like, What if they know something that I don’t? That’s how confused I got. I was like, I don’t wanna lie, so let me figure this out.” [Us]
  • Looks like Zac Efron has been lifting weights. [Just Jared]
  • America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan is in talks to replace Larry King on CNN. [Just Jared]
  • James Franco was at the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade with queer performer Kalup Linzy, “whom he is collaborating with on General Hospital.” Witnesses say he was in a “good, almost giddy mood.” [E!]
  • Check out this picture of Gloria Allred at West Hollywood’s Gay Pride Parade with a Gloria Allred impersonator: [TMZ]
  • Rue McClanahan‘s $2.25 million New York City co-op is on the market. [CNN]
  • Kid Cudi has been charged with criminal mischief and possession of a controlled substance for allegedly ripping a woman’s apartment door off its hinges and having liquid cocaine in his possession. [People]
  • Breaking Bad has been renewed for a fourth season. [N.Y. Magazine]
  • MTV is holding a contest to find the next “TJ,” or “Twitter Jockey.” [USA Today]
  • CBS Early Show anchor Maggie Rodriguez gave birth to her second child on Sunday, Michael Tobin, Jr. [Us]
  • According to a new study, The Hangover is the most-watched On Demand movie ever. [CNN]
  • Did you know that Leonardo DiCaprio was originally cast as Patrick Bateman and Eric Stoltz was supposed to play Marty McFly? Check out the “Top 10 Movie Recasts You Don’t Know” here: [ONTD]
  • NBC has signed a deal with Isaiah Mustafa (better known as Old Spice’s “Man Your Man Could Smell Like”) to add him to one of the network’s current or new series. [Perez]
  • Breaking: Cate Blanchett has a new haircut. [People]
  • Brad Pitt had to shave his beard because he’ll start filming Moneyball soon and his character is clean-shaven. [People]
  • TBS employees crowded outside the network’s Atlanta headquarters today to welcome Conan O’Brien when he showed up for a meeting. He told the crowd, “Thank you for welcoming me to your home… We are going to make great television… and I’m not talking about my show.” [TMZ]
  • In case you were wondering, Emily Blunt and John Krasinsky are still together. [Crushable]
  • At the link, watch Katy Perry‘s nonsensical explanation for attacking Lady Gaga on Twitter saying, “using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke” [N.Y. Magazine]
  • In the new issue of W, Eva Mendes discusses doing nude scenes saying, “I know I walk a fine line between being a respected actor and being what they call a sex symbol. It’s a hard one to walk if you want to be known as a real, credible actor. But I’ve never felt objectified. Nothing you see me do is an accident… I’m incredibly calculated when it comes to my career.” [Just Jared]
  • Apparently Evan Lysacek befriended Kate Gosselin on DWTS. “Kate is in New York right now. We’ve been texting each other back and forth and we’re trying to get together,” he says. “We are very close. She is the sweetest woman in the world. We were instantly friends and everyone really loved her on the show. We missed her so much when she left. She’s hilarious and she’s always joking around. I don’t think she ever said a serious sentence.” [People]
  • Victoria Beckham will voice a character on a SpongeBob SquarePants special that airs July 5. “I was so thrilled when I was asked to be a part of SpongeBob as my children love the show,” she said. “When I told the boys that I was going to be on the show, they were so excited! I had such a great time recording the voice of Queen Amphitrite. How fun to be a Queen for a day! We are all looking forward to watching it together.” [Just Jared]
  • Robert Pattinson joked that he’s “very competitive” with Taylor Lautner saying, “I want to have better hair than him. I want to have a better six-pack.” [Us]
  • Keith Urban says daughter Sunday Rose is “a combination of both of us so far, but she got my wife’s legs, which is very lucky for her. She sure didn’t deserve mine.” [CNN]
  • Jennifer Aniston‘s rep says her role in Horrible Bosses is, “Provocative and sexual, but also hysterically funny. There are no plans for her to go fully nude or topless, but the role does require an aggressive sexuality that many folks have not seen from Jennifer on screen before.” [People]
  • Bradley Cooper says that when he started seeing his name in the tabloids, “At first it was shocking how untrue everything was. Dates with women I’ve never had, houses I’ve never owned in areas I could never afford. I was one of those people who believed what they read [in tabloids]. Except for the aliens and stuff.” [Digital Spy]
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