Woman Flees the Scene of a Car Accident So Her Ice Cream Won't Melt


Well, if it isn’t a new entry for the Terrible Excuses Hall of Fame. A woman in Arkansas gave this bold explanation for why she fled the scene of a car accident she was involved in: “I left because I didn’t want my ice cream to melt.” Flora Burkhart rear-ended someone who was in a turn lane, but she failed to stop after she’d hit the other car. The driver called police, who followed Burkhart to her home where they got that doozy of an excuse for why she drove off. She tried to say she didn’t think there was enough damage to stop, but generally after you smack into someone’s car it’s a good idea to check anyway just to make sure. As for the ice cream, yes, these are tough economic times, but could she not have re-frozen it AFTER she dealt with the car accident? The police didn’t buy it either, and they gave her a ticket for following another car too closely (she must have been in a hurry to get home and have a sundae) and leaving the scene of an accident. Lesson learned: when it comes to priorities, attending to car accidents comes before melting ice cream.

Driver leaves hit-and-run because she ‘didn’t want my ice cream to melt’ [4029TV via AP]

Image via PSD photography/Shutterstock.

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