Women: American Apparel Doesn't Want Your Size 12 Revenue

  • American Apparel is launching a “plus-size” sister label. Called “Colossal Clothing.” It’s only for the menfolk. [Kempt]
  • The company is also busy harassing Woody Allen. The director called the clothier “sleazy” and “adolescent.” [Page Six]
  • Sienna Miller, by her own admission, doesn’t actually do much for her fashion line, Twenty8Twelve. “My sister’s the sketcher. I can barely draw a stick man, let alone a frock,” the actress admitted. “I’ll say, you know, can we get a top and make it that crinkly material? And she’s like, ‘Organza.’ I don’t speak the jargon.” That sister — Savannah — went to fashion school, if you recall. “But I have an aesthetic that she understands,” Sienna clarified. [Style.com]
  • Georges Marciano, a co-founder of Guess?, is running as an independent candidate for the governorship of California. Platform: something about taxes (and, this is just a wild guess, fabulousness). [WWD]
  • Model Jenny Shimizu named the late Richard Avedon as her favorite artist. “He would bring out stuff in you that you would never think was in you. He and I used to play together like apes in his studio. He was an incredible man, a genius.” [Daily Beast]
  • Sarah Brown, wife of the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, gave up paid work in PR as her husband advanced his political career, to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. For glitzy state occasions, she can’t buy a new designer dress every time — so she rents them. Smart lady. [Telegraph]
  • Daul Kim, the South Korean supe who made hilarious videos for New York once upon a time, dyed her hair ash blonde in Paris. And blogged funny pictures. [I Like To Fork Myself]
  • Maria Sharapova, in addition to being the face of Cole Haan, will design for the brand. “Somebody needed to make a shoe that you can stand around for hours in,” the tennis star said of her design inspiration. The stilettos for her line have Nike Air cushioning. [WWD]
  • Miranda Kerr, the Australian Victoria’s Secret model who dates Orlando Bloom, totally wants his sweet, widdle, scrumptious behbehs. At least, that’s what the Daily Fail reckons. What Kerr actually said was “Yeah, one day down the line, of course I’d love to be a mum.” Then the Fail calls her 23, then 25. Then 23. [Daily Mail]
  • Naomi‘s on the cover of Giant, and she looks good. [The Life Files]
  • News of Barbie‘s interminable semicentennial is kind of getting stale, but if you care, Henry Holland “curated” a Barbie stand at Dover St. Market. Interestingly, Holland’s mum didn’t allow her children to play much with the toy as a child, “because she gave lectures on the welfare state and sharing the wealth.” When Holland and his siblings finally did get their hands on a Barbie, they took turns shooting at it with a bow and arrow. “My mum was well happy!” Now you know. [Dazed Digital]
  • The owners of Christian Lacroix are looking to sell a stake in the brand. That puts them in the same boat as Brioni and Roberto Cavalli. For Lacroix, sales have been slow, and retailers are scaling back their orders, meaning the label will be further squeezed for cash over the coming seasons. [WSJ]
  • Alessandro Dell’Acqua left Malo, the Italian knitwear label he had designed for less than a year, because of pressure from its owners over cost. The label is owned by IT Holdings SpA, an Italian apparel company that went into bankruptcy in February. No new creative director will be appointed — IT Holdings prefers to maintain the current design team, without a banner name heading it. Surely it is cheaper that way. [UK Vogue]
  • Your Target or Macy‘s faux-leather handbag: another thing that could be killing you. No further details are available. Thanks, evening news. [KPBS]
  • Missoni is going ahead with the opening of a luxury hotel bearing its name in Edinburgh, Scotland. Because the thing was already mostly built before the recession bit. The second Missoni hotel will open this summer in Dubai. [FT]
  • Four words: Yves Saint Laurent Musical. Are these tears of joy or despair? I can’t even tell anymore. Pierre Bergé, what have you wrought? [WWD]
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