World-Renowned Bullshit Artist Ivanka Trump Claims Children in Cages Aren't 'Part of My Portfolio'

World-Renowned Bullshit Artist Ivanka Trump Claims Children in Cages Aren't 'Part of My Portfolio'
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Ivanka Trump is many things: a terrible political advisor, the owner of a Nazi dog, and billboard for the world’s ugliest haircut. But she’s also an accomplished bullshit artist, who has spent the last four years slipping past any and all questions about her involvement in her father’s administration like a sewer rat escaping with some fresh chunk of rotting garbage. No offense to sewer rats though, who have cleaner consciences than Ivanka will ever hope to have.

During an appearance on CBS’s Face The Nation Sunday morning, the president’s daughter and favorite chaos merchant attempted to dodge a question about her participation in forced family separations. Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan asked, “Is [the separations] something you continue to remain engaged on when it comes to immigration?” In turn, Ivanka responded that “immigration is not part of my portfolio, obviously,” before misdirecting the conversation to “human trafficking” across the border, a discredited talking point popularized by her father in order to mischaracterize and distract from the true racist motivations behind the government’s family separation policies. It’s that “obviously” that is critical here, considering that last June, Ivanka was singing her father’s praises for allegedly ending the continued violence enacted on immigrants across this country by the terrorist organization ICE.

Like everything else that escapes the garbage pit in the shape of her mouth, this was utter bullshit. Everyone knows that just because she claims that immigration isn’t in her “portfolio,” this is a lie. It not only warranted multiple follow-up questions, but genuine engagement from Brennan for platforming someone so willing to spread misinformation and propaganda on any show that will have her.

But more than her continued insistence on dodging questions, I’m baffled that Brennan literally ended the interview immediately after Ivanka’s response. I had to watch the interview back a few times to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. As soon as Ivanka is finished, Brennan thanks her for appearing on the show and immediately cuts to commercial. Watch below:

The Intercept reports that Brennan also asked Ivanka some confounding questions about the impeachment proceedings prior to the bullshit she spat about her supposed portfolio—a word so callously wielded, like she’s discussing stock options or her families many shady real estate investments. Want to guess what those questions were? I’ll give a few hints: They neither sought answers about her father’s crimes or her culpability in the administration’s illegal activity. Here they are:

  • “Has he made peace with it?”
  • “What is your dad’s mood right now?”
  • “Do you think he’s getting good counsel from Rudy Giuliani?”

Wow, some really stellar journalism happening here! I know I should be more focused on what Ivanka was up to—mainly, continuing this administration’s long, storied propaganda efforts. But as 2020 shambles into view, and the next presidential election casts its dire shadow over the future of this country, journalists must start unabashedly challenging the continued evils of people like Ivanka Trump and her father’s many cronies. With the questions asked, Ivanka might as well have skipped the show entirely. Brennan could have read any press release handed to her, considering the “interview”—if we can even call it that—was more elaborate theatre than incisive political inquiry. What is even the fucking point?

Ivanka Trump can eat shit. And when she’s full on shit, she can throw it all up and eat some more. But the journalists who’ll let this administration say just about whatever they want, whenever they want—they can eat shit too. [Newsweek]

Here is someone who gets it: Unlike certain journalists, comrade Greta Thunberg thinks any and all conversation with that host of gold-plated dip shits is an utter “waste of time.” NBC News reports that in an interview with BBC’s Today program, Thunberg dismissed the the idea of opening talks with the president now, or probably ever:

“Honestly, I don’t think I would have said anything because obviously he’s not listening to scientists and experts, so why would he listen to me? So I probably wouldn’t have said anything, I wouldn’t have wasted my time.”

She was talking specifically about her viral death stare at a UN summit on climate change back in September, but really, this could apply literally whenever there is a Trump in the room. Maybe someone at the BBC can forward these tapes to me, specifically, so I can nail them to the newsroom doors of CBS, NBC, and CNN like Martin Luther’s 99 Theses, except way more useful and infinitely more applicable. This family lies, refuses to engage with reason or science or fact, and actively dismissed any and all criticism for incredibly esoteric reasons. Why engage at all? [NBC News]

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