Worst Fears Are Confirmed At Killers Premiere


We’ve all seen the preview: boy meets girl, girl has weird June Cleaver hair, boy is assassin, hilarity ensues. But how, you ask, was the preview at Hollywood’s “ArcLight Cinema’s Cinerama Dome?” About on a par with the preview!

Ashton opts for Regis monotony, bow-tie and gigolo shoes; the missus equals him with charmeuse, baguette and a Kabbalah bracelet. A match made in heaven.

This cannot be taken away from Katherine Heigl‘s frillapalooza: her do matches her skirt.

Why yes, it is Soleil Moon-Frye! Just as spunky – punky, even! – as you please.

One of the few looks it’s easy to actually get on board with, Kali Hawk‘s pleasingly goofy Alexis Carrington special!

Is leopard-print really a “new basic?” If magazines say it enough, is it true? Whatever, Macy Gray doesn’t care. She just wants to get this movie over with.

The “sexy vaguely 50s shape” trend is one of the stranger. As modeled by Lisa Ann Walter.

Alex Borstein is on record in her love of 40s shapes, and I do love to see separates on the red carpet – even if the embellishment is on the aggressive side. Maybe after a decade of Lois Griffin, you crave the opposite of animated chinos.

When will the ice-skating-mesh thing end? Is it here to stay? Wouldn’t Letoya Luckett‘s dress stay up – and have more than enough going on – without it? Questions to ponder.

I thought perhaps, just for old time’s sake, you’d enjoy visiting with Tom Selleck‘s dad mustache, accompanied by Tom Selleck, a khaki suit, and his wife Jillie Mack.

See, now, you’d be forgiven for thinking I picked out this one shot of Katheryn Winnick because it’s so odd. But no. In picture after picture, there she is, making a proud, defiant sexyface worthy of the cover of a supermarket romance set in the highlands.

[Images via Getty.]

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